Whack & Bash

Whack & Bash - Improve Your reflexes

Whack & Bash is a tap-tap game and a modern version of the classic whac-a-mole arcade game.


Helps to improve Your reflexes dramatically. Stay or get fast, sharp and focused in whatever you want to be good at in life.


Whack & Bash is designed for all ages. Good reflexes, and high tap-speed is important to master to beat the game. And, stay focused! One milliesecond of lost focus will end the game!


Tap the colored circles (moles) as soon they lit up. The faster you tap the moles, the more score. If you miss once, you are done and have earned the feedback you receive. Improve your reaction times over time and reach more difficult stages.


Chase the Double Tap BONUS by using two fingers at two moles at the same time. Not as easy as it sounds!

Reach and beat the Stage final every 10th level in order to save progress and keep your score for the next game of Whack & Bash.


Whack & Bash - Improve reflexes
Whack & Bash - Improve your reflexes

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